Ratchet Garden Tools

Ratchet Pruner Instructions:

  • When using this Ratchet Pruner keep in mind and please tell all other that are going to be using the tool that you do not have to use the same force as you would with a regular Pruner. 
  • First off always make sure you get the material as far back into the jaws of the tool as possible.  The further you move toward the end of the blade, the less leverage you are going to have on the material. 
  • If it becomes hard to squeeze open the handle slightly until you hear a click and then squeeze the handle together, again until it get hard again.
  • Repeat this same process of squeezing and releasing one click anywhere from 1-5 times depending on the thickness of the wood that you are working with.
  • By using that process, you will be exerting 7 times less force therefore not putting as much stress on your hands or on the tool itself.

Replacement of Pin & Washer on the Metal Ratchet Pruner

  • You will need a small platform or block ( not larger than the center rathcheting ststem) and a small socket wrench
  • Place the platform/block onto a flat surface. 
  • Take to Pruner with the blade on the left side and slide the pin into the hole through the back of the Pruner.
  • Place the pruner onto the platform/block so that it is holding the pin into place.  You want the bolt to be sticking up.
  • Take the washer and place it on top of the pin with the curved side out
  • Take the small socket wrench and press the washer onto the pin.

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Ratchet Lopper Instructions: 

  • Ratcheting Loppers work completely different than regular Loppers.
  • The ONLY time it is opened completely is to set the blades in the wood.  Always put the limb as deep into the jaws as possible, followed by closing the handles until you feel resistance.
  • When ratcheting, hold one handle as still as possible and open the opposite handle ONLY until you hear a click or see that it has moved to the next notch on the ratchet mechanism.
  • Opening the handles past that step resets the ratchet back to the beginning which will make it very difficult to finish the cut.
  • Each time it has reset into the next ratcheting notch, close the handles tight until you feel resistance and then open one handle ONLY, until it clicks or is reset into the  next ratchet notch.  This should be continued approximately five times as there are five notches to ratchet through.
  • Remember never open the handles wide after placing the jaws around the limb.
  • At any time in the ratcheting process the handles are completely opened (resetting the ratchet) remove the lopper from the limb and start the process over.
  • If at any time the process is not working, it means the limb is too thick.  NEVER use so much force that you see the handles bending.
  • DO NOT cut metal.  Use a bolt cutter. 
  • Oil the moving parts on the lopper head with 3 and 1 oil occasionally.

Helpful Hint:  Using the Lopper with the blade on the left will keep the handles locked better than having it on the right.

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